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Maya Monthly February 2017

Feb 17, 2017

Becoming more open and understanding to people throughout the world

Dear Friends of the Maya,


Greetings – Saludos


I have been in the USA for about three weeks and am heading to Mexico this coming week.


I cannot avoid the topic any longer.


On November 8th, I stayed up late, like most of you. I was in Mexico but had sent my absentee ballot in weeks ahead of the election. I went to bed wondering what would happen. I woke up no longer wondering, but afraid. I still am. Everywhere I go people ask: “what do you think? What is going to happen?” I wish I knew.


Jose likes to eat. He hopes to open a Mexican restaurant in USA

This issue of Maya Monthly is delayed because I had to think for a long time whether I should bring up the issue of Donald Trump’s election and how it might affect our lives. Some would say this is no place for politics. I don’t agree. Some would say, “That’s it. I am not sending any more donations to the Maya Missions.” If that is how you feel. So be It. But first, please read what I have to say.


For close to 30 years I have tried to share with you my experiences and life among the Maya. I think I have said more than once that I will never fully understand these wonderful people, and they will probably never understand me either. But if we love one another, and we do, then we can help one another build a better world.


That philosophy applies to more than me and the Maya. I realized after November 9th that I have not fully understood not just the Maya but in truth our world. I have a long way to go to feel the pain of others, to understand what makes them think and live and love. I hope that the wonderful experience I continue to have with the Maya and with Mexico will lead me to be more open, more understanding of people throughout this world.


I don’t know if I can do this, but I will try in the months ahead to share my experience in Mexico in such a way that it will help all who read this bulletin to feel the pain of a people who have been rejected by others for more than a thousand years. I hope I can help you readers experience the fears and concern of many Mexicans toward us Americans. They have grown to love us so much. I also hope we Americans can be more aware of the gifts we have lost by closing our borders and homes to others. May God Help us all.


Mauru, one of our Scholarship Students from Komchen, is now director of our After School Program in Cosgaya

Our Team in Merida – They are great and working to make our world great too!


I ask forgiveness of the people I know in the villages of the Yucatan, people who have been been unjustly categorized and condemned as rapists and terrorists, when I know they are so loving and peaceful. I hope the smiles on their faces, the hope in their hearts and the love they have for us, will transform each of us into people who are more loving, more open and more caring about others.




Paz y amor,



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