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Maya Monthly March 2017

Mar 05, 2017

This is what Paradise is all about!


Dear Friends of the Maya,


If the news in Mexico is correct, the Groundhog saw his shadow on Feb 2nd and you are having a few more weeks of Winter up there in the North Country. Here in the Yucatan, we have been having wonderful weather: 90 degrees every day, no rain, and even low humidity. I am tempted to say it must be like this in paradise.


But I drove by a little village the other day called “Paradiso” and I would never want to live there for eternity. I think a rich Mexican bought the property several years ago, hoping to make even more money. “Paradiso” was supposed to be a gorgeous new, fancy development with lakes, golf courses and no kids to “spoil” the atmosphere of tranquility. The people knew right away that was no paradise. So, the signs remain but nada mas…nothing else.


Lots of visitors the last few weeks. Abby Hurst, Lia Johnston and Dave Sutherland from our Maya Board of Directors. Dave’s wife and friends from Michigan and Kentucky also managed to make it to this part of “paradise”. (Some of them cheated and went to Cancun first!). We visited Komchen, Sierra Papacal, Cosgaya, Noc-ac and San Antonio Hool. Our Board members took part in our weekly meeting here. They took pictures of our young kids in the After-School programs and our students who receive becas.


I was looking at those pictures and the thought came to me that this is what paradise is all about.Everyone smiling. Everyone helping one another. We don’t need to wait. We just need to look around and appreciate God’s love and presence in our midst. I’m including some of those pictures in this Maya Monthly. You can see even more at our Facebook page today and more coming soon. Look at them closely. Then you will know how much God loves us all!




Thanks for being part of this Paradise! Gracias.


Paz y amor,



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