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Maya Monthly November 2016

Nov 13, 2016

Moving Forward with Transitions and Hope

Dear Friends of the Maya,


I woke up the other morning and wasn’t sure where I was! Tried to get out of bed… but it was the wrong side. Tried to get to the bathroom, but it was downstairs instead of across the room. Slowly I regained my sense of direction, but I’m still running around in a daze (yes worse than normal!)


I know that this Maya Monthly is late!  I don’t want you to think I have died or maybe was not allowed to leave Mexico because of that d*** wall. Oops.


The truth is, I left Mexico just a couple of days after the election. People on the street, in the bus, and on the plane, expressed their concern for the future. I share that concern. Maybe that is why I was so “out of it” the morning after I arrived.


2016-oct-c2The last two months have been very busy. Two of our leaders decided to leave our program and we had to hire new people and redesign some of the projects.  Monica had helped us set up the after-school program years ago. Recently, she finished her master’s degree and wanted to teach at the University level. I will miss her a lot, but she had trained Rubi, a young woman from Sierra Papacal, to take her place.  Our goal has always been to empower local people to take on more responsibility. Rubi is one of those people!





Patricia was responsible for our Scholarship students. She directed one program for adult groups and another for providing emergency aid in each of the villages. Marcos, a young man from Komchen, who just completed law studies, has agreed to take over the scholarship program. He has redesigned the program. Now we have a Maya person in each of the five villages who will work with our scholarship students making sure they continue their studies and do service work in their home village.


See our new organization here.




Miriam is from Noc-ac. She has agreed to coordinate the adult groups as well as a group which  helps with emergency and medical needs in each village.


I realize this is a lot for you, the reader, to understand.  You should see me trying to remember who is who, and what village they are working in. The good news is that our programs continue. The even better news is that Maya, often young people, who have been part of our scholarship programs or who have participated in our groups in the past, are now taking responsible positions in their own villages. They know their people. They are concerned about them. They want to help.


2016-oct-d2I will return to Mexico in time for Our Lady of Guadalupe and Christmas. Meanwhile I am enjoying the cool crisp weather of Michigan. You can’t rake leaves in the Yucatan. There won’t be any sleet, ice or snow in Komchen! I love it all. Yes, I am still a bit dazed!


Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for all you do for us.


Paz y amor,



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