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You can make a Sr. Terry Memorial Donation

May 25, 2016

11127053_553506421457225_8845516410010765668_nSr. Terry Maksym, m.m. is the reason Fr. Bill is in the Yucatan. Terry died a year ago this May and Bill promised “Sweetest Mother” (Terry’s favorite expression for Mary) that he would do something so that Terry’s Memory and Good Works would not be forgotten.


Thirty years ago, Fr. Bill was visiting Mexico City and Terry was at the same parish for her annual medical checkup. Bill shared with her his dream of learning Spanish and working with Hispanic people. She invited him to the Yucatan. In those days, he didn’t even know where the Yucatan was. But a few months later he showed up and has been there ever since.


Terry taught Bill everything he knows about working with and loving the poor. Terry was in charge of catechists and religious education. We had hundreds of catechists and thousands of people participating. There was a group of adults in each village called Visantinas. They visited the sick and helped the poor with emergency medical needs.


We would like to invite those who wish to remember Sr. Terry to send a special donation in her memory. We are going to change the name of the Visantinas to Friends of Sr. Terry’s.


Sr. Terry Memorial Donation

Five of our six villages have no doctor, no nurse, no clinic. no nada. They had Sr. Terry and now they have the Friends of Sr. Terry. You too can be a friend.


Those of us who knew and loved Terry have hundreds of stories and wonderful memories of her.  Help us continue to what she had started with the Maya people.


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