The Work We Do

Youth-logoWe work to address the physical and spiritual needs of Maya Indians in the Yucatan villages, whom may otherwise be forgotten and left behind in this poverty-stricken area.


Our goal is to not just provide assistance for today, but to also provide a means for youth and their families to obtain the education and other life skills needed to help the next generation break out of this cycle of poverty.


We provide education and scholarship opportunities for the young people, have an English education program, have opened computer centers, support the Oasis San Juan AIDS facility and its individuals and families, help train people for active involvement and community leadership, have started a carpentry school, have built a new church in one of the villages, have helped build bathrooms where there were none, and many other similar projects.

We cannot change the whole world . . . We can enlighten people in parishes in the United States about conditions in the Yucatan and why they need your help.

Our Scholarship Program

We have more than 110 young people who receive Becas or Scholarships so that they can finish their education.  The Scholarship students are the future of their village. Most will return to their village when they finish their education. They know the future depends on them. We are proud of them and you can be proud of helping them, too.


Student Service

Each scholarship student must maintain a “B” average in their studies. Each student must also commit some time each week to serve the members of their community. In Komchen, Sierra, Cosgaya and San Antonio Ool, many students help the young children of their village with their studies. In Komchen, some of the older youth have begun an activities center which includes classes in cooking, dancing, futbol (soccer), manualidades (making small artisan objects), theater, and even English.


You can Make a Difference

We continue to need more sponsors to meet the growing needs of this important and exciting program. 


Please consider how you can help today, by sponsoring a student(s).


Visantinas (like St. Vincent de Paul Society)

In each village we have a small group which meets the emergency needs of the people. They visit families in time of crisis (death or sickness) and provide financial and spiritual help for them.


Because there are no medical personnel or clinics in many of the pueblos, this year we are having a training program which will enable our Visantinas to take care of simple medical emergencies.


English School

For 25 years we have had an English School in Komchen.


It started out for Adolescents but they were more interested in Dances and Fiestas than learning English. Now we have three groups of grade school youth. They learn English rapidly, and their mamas make sure they come! Our English teacher comes from Merida. She speaks English without an accent and is dedicated to teaching the kids to do the same.



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