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Daniel, Biblioteca Projecto, Cosgaya, 18 years old

DanielDaniel volunteers on Saturday mornings along with a few other Becados at the Biblioteca Projecta in Cosgaya. The younger children come to hear stories and learn the myths, legends, and history of their culture. Although this is Daniel’s first time leading a project like this, he enjoys it very much. The kids were attentively listening to a story about a Princess and a Frog. Daniel had the kids close their eyes and imagine the story as he read it aloud. He wants to stimulate their imaginations and creativity. Daniel also had the children draw pictures, play charades and Pictionary. He said these activities are important because the children in Cosgaya are so shy.


Daniel volunteers his time at the Library Project because he receives a scholarship from Maya Missions. Daniel uses the scholarship to purchase school supplies and pay for his daily transportation to the neighboring village of Komchen where Daniel attends high school. Daniel would like to go on to study Anthropology and he hopes to someday become a teacher. Daniel lives in Cosgaya with his mother, father and older brother. Daniel’s father works in a restaurant in Merida.


Daniel’s mother stays in the home. He says his family is a typical Mayan Family. He loves the Mayan people because they are so friendly. Daniel would like to see more people giving back to the community and neighbors helping each other out. Daniel like so many of the young people in these villages worries about the economic opportunities available to him in the future.

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William, Student Leader in Komchen, 22 years old

WilliamWilliam spends a lot of his free time volunteering at the Recreation Center in Komchen. William coordinates the other scholarship students and works with the young children who come for activities and games on Saturday morning. This is William’s first time in a leadership position and he likes helping people learn to work together. William also enjoys sharing his passion for Taekwondo with the children in Komchen. William thinks the Recreation Center is good for the community because he the kids can come here and learn new skills and do productive things otherwise they would be hanging around in the streets and could get into trouble. William would like to see the Recreation Center engage more members of the community.


William lives in Komchen with his mother, Concepcion, his father, William and little brother, Pablo. William’s father attended grade school and works as a bus driver. His mother completed middle school and cleans the elementary school in Komchen. William’s younger brother, Pablo will attend high school this fall. William is currently studying food engineering at a Universidad in Merida.


William thinks one of the hardest things about growing up in Komchen is that young people have to leave the village to follow their career goals and realize their dreams. Despite this and other adversity, William constantly has a huge smile on his face, he is a ray of light and positive energy.

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Lidia, Scholarship student from Dzitya, 20 years old

LidiaLidia has just finished high school. She is planning to attend university this fall. Lidia isn’t sure what she will study but she is interested in art, math and theatre. Lidia lives in the village of Dzitya which is known for its stone artisans. Lidia coordinates the other scholarship students, teachers traditional dance classes with younger students and has been working alongside other community members to develop a museum which will document the history of the village.


Lidia lives with her mother, Lidia, her father, Angel and her little brother, Angel. Lidia wakes up at 4:30 to start her day. She attended school in the morning and then works each afternoon as a secretary for a business called, Luna Maya, in Merida. Lidia returns to Dzitya in the evening to teach art and dance with the children.


Lidia was born with some problems in her legs and spine. She wasn’t able to walk until she was 3 years old. She has had some operations to correct her condition, the doctors said she would never be able to dance, walk and run like other children, but she does. Through determination and her strong will Lidia has proven the doctors wrong and she continues, despite physical discomfort, to dance and teach.

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Marcos, student of Law from Komchen, 20 years old

MarcosMarcos has been studying law at CTM Universidad in Merida for the last 3 years. He is a Maya Mission scholarship student and has been using his education stipend to pursue his degree. Marcos has a social service internship at a public institution in Merida where he works until 2 pm each day. He attends classes in the afternoon and evening and he hopes to graduate next year.


Marcos volunteers teaching Theater to the children in Komchen. Marcos enjoys theatre because the kids have so much fun and it helps them outgrow their shyness. Marcos lives in Komchen with his mother, father and two younger brothers. Marcos’s father is a grocer in Komchen and served as the mayor of community. Despite his father’s status in the community, Marcos was motivated to study law because of the ignorance of his parents and much of the community. He would like to see better communication within families, the alcoholism of the father’s is very destructive.


Marcos would like to get a job working in government or working in a non-profit organization like Maya Missions. Marcos would like to see more humanitarian organizations working in partnership with his community. He would like to see more education around Human Rights and improving systems of government.

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