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Good News about Maria Eugenia Cruz Coho

Sep 26, 2014

2014 Sept Maria

This is Maria Eugenia Cruz Coho. Maria (or Maru as she prefers to be called) is from Komchen. She is one of our becados. That means she received a scholarship for many years so that she could finish her career.


Now we have hired her to be the Director of our Community Center in Cosgaya. She will be responsible for our program which works with grade school children – preparing them for life and future learning. Her degree is in education and she has a specialty working with young kids who have learning problems – there are lots of them in Cosgaya. She will also work with the parents of these children trying to help them deal with problems of alcoholism and violence. There are lots of those as well in Cosgaya.


I am delighted that “one of our own” is now working with the youth and parents of one of “our” villages. We have lots more young adults like Maru – over a hundred in our scholarship programs.


Thanks for making this possible.

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