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Lent 2014

Mar 17, 2014

Esto dice el Señor : todavía es tiempo. Conviértanse a mí de todo corazón.


Sierra Exif JPEGHappy Lent! I figured it might be best to start this one in Spanish. I’ve been starting Lent for the last 70 or so years in English, and I’m not sure it has done much good!


Thank God we have some more time. (todavia tiempo). It’s just that changing hearts is sometimes pretty difficult. Maybe you have that same difficulty.


I have been trying to figure out not only WHAT has to be changed about my life and our world, but rather HOW to do it. Honestly, the traditional methods (fasting, almsgiving and prayer) have not worked very well for me in the past. Maybe I just need to try them once again.


Even Jesus seems to be suggesting something new is demanded…or we will not change. “Hypocrites,” he calls those who are more worried about appearances than anything else. “Those who wish to follow me, let them take up their daily cross .”


We know something about those “daily crosses” – too much weight, too much drinking and gossiping and complaining. Lent is a good time to look once again at our lives and our world. We know we have to change not just to fulfill some rules, but rather to change things which need to be changed. I have a hunch many people would suggest that I work on being more patient during lent. I’ve tried that one before. I agree it is my daily cross but I haven’t been very successful (in case you haven’t noticed!) If I don’t work on that, it just might kill me or lead to a stroke. The difficulty is exactly how to deal with that cross.The truth is: I get more impatient dealing with impatience!


Then It hit me…. work on one thing at a time – something which makes me very impatient. If I can deal with that, then I just might live to deal with other issues which need to be addressed: justice, war, sexism, consumerism, etc..etc.


I knew what it is that has been making me very impatient.


It is something which has occupied my attention for the last several months. It keeps me awake at night and gets me very excited during the day. I have spent endless hours trying to make sure it happens. I am convinced it is for the good of the people here in the Yucatan. I have begged, borrowed (not stolen yet) so that we can make this happen. It could be a lasting testimony to our desire to build a better world I am convinced of that and many of you have helped make it a reality. And now it looks like it will never happen. Damn. Damn, Damn! Oops …see how impatient I can get !


The “it” is property which we have been trying to buy so we could build a new Community Center in Noc-ac. After months of trying and being impatient, it just isn’t going to happen. Until I accept that fact, I cannot move on.


It is not just property, it could be weight, or drink , or many other things which can take over our attention, and at times our lives. Whatever it is, hopefully Lent gives you and me a chance to examine our lives, our world, even our faith, and begin anew.


Good News: I am looking for another property, in another location. I think I will be a little more patient ! You might be looking at new ways to bring peace, justice and hope to your life and to our world. Let’s continue the journey to make ourselves and our world a better place.


Paz y amor.



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