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Maya Monthly April 2016

Apr 24, 2016

Here, There, and Everywhere

Dear Friends of the Maya,


Where the heck are you?” is what they often ask.


“I wish I knew”.

Truth is – I am doing a lot of travelling and sometimes even I am not sure where I am, or where I am going.


I know YOU might have thought that for a long time.


2016-Apr-jim-mary-ann-moore2Right now I am in the United States. I returned to Michigan right after Easter. Last week I was in Florida visiting some good friends – the brother and sister in law of my confrere, Mike, who died two years ago after a tough bout with pancreatic cancer.


Next week I will spend a few days with another good friend and confrere, John, who is pastor of a parish in Lafayette, Ca. John is having a knee replacement and I have offered to be nurse.


Poor John.


Then I am headed to Alaska for a vacation with my twin sister to celebrate our 75 years of life!


Poor people of Alaska.


I hope to be back in Michigan for most of the rest of the summer.


I look forward to celebrating our annual meeting with my brother Oblates.


Last summer I did several mission appeals on weekends in parish churches. But I also met with friends of the Maya in homes where people were interested in hearing more about our work with the Maya.


2016-Apr-lafayette  2016-Apr-sonora


2016-Apr-hastings 2016-Apr-milan2 2016-Apr-linden


Just last week I visited a couple in Florida. They lived near the friends I was visiting. They had come across our Maya website and wanted to help. They were surprised when I showed up at their front door. They thought I was a Mormon or Jehovah witness at first. We had a great meeting. So check our website and feel free to call ( or 517 414 3888). I would be happy to visit or just bring you up to date on what is happening in Mayaland!


2016-Apr-billFor the last few years I have been saying that the team we have assembled in Mexico can carry on the projects we have begun over the years. Thank God that is happening!


When I am not in Mexico we keep in touch. I often advise. They listen. And then do what they want! Oops. Not really. But it is good that they are taking initiative. It’s also good that I can begin to enjoy a bit or retirement and keep in touch with people like you.


Paz y amor,



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