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Maya Monthly August 2014

Aug 30, 2014

Dear Friends of the Maya,


I hope you have had a wonderful Summer. I only have a couple of weeks before I head back to Mexico and I am anxious to be back.


But it has been an exciting and good summer. Lots of travel that is for sure. I was out in California for Mission appeals when my brother in law became critical so I headed back to Ohio. Tom died that week. I was grateful I was able to accompany my twin sister Mary K for the services. Then I headed back to California but returned to Ohio the following week for a Mission Appeal at St Al’s in Bowling Green. We had a taco dinner there so I wouldn’t forget my beloved Mexico ( even though I never eat tacos in Mexico!).


2014 AugI have been “resting” this week at our family cottage in Southern Michigan -enjoying the company of Mike Moore’s brother and sister in law from Fla. Mike was my good Oblate friend and fellow missionary who died a year ago. We have remembered Mike and celebrated his life and all he did for the people of Brazil. Yesterday we went fishing off our dock. I wasn’t expecting a big catch but suddenly Jim Moore’s bobber went down. While he was trying to reel in his fish, somehow the line got loose and off went the fish. I tried to recover that line and let my pole rest. Just then a fish took my bait AND the pole . I jumped in the water just in time to recover the pole, the catch and myself! A video of that episode is on our webpage ( and the copy of the catch is below. Yesterday Jim and I went fishing again. Not much luck but I landed another big one! Me! I fell on the steps getting back to the cottage and have a nice , but not serious , wound proving how dangerous fishing can be!


2014 Aug bI hope your summer has been as adventurous. I am headed to Washington D.C and New York City next week. In Washington I will have the opportunity to visit our Oblate Parish in Va. They have given the Maya Missions a grant so we can buy a property and build a new Community Center and Program for Primary School Students in San Antonio Ool. I will update them on the progress. That might take some talking because we are still trying to buy the property . Not unusual for Mexico but not usual for grant givers who expect you to do things on time . This parish is very close to the Capital so I have a hunch they will all understand our delay in getting things done. Come to think of it, we are making a lot more progress than most politicos!


I will also visit Sr. Terry Maksym, m.m. Many of your know Terry. She is the Maryknoll sister who first invited me to the Yucatan 30 years ago. Because of health issues Terry had to return to Maryknoll on the Hudson , north of New York City. I have promised to visit Terry every year, and a promessa is more sacred than any oath, so I am headed up the Hudson to see Terry. If you don’t receive the Maya Monthly next month, let me just say that Sing Sing is only about three minutes from Maryknoll and I have been delayed!


I have not been able to visit many of the parishes which have been traditional stopping off spots for me in the summer: Hastings, Sonora, Ca. and Milan Ohio . I hope to return to Lafayette Ca this fall or winter and  I have not forgotten the others. As I mentioned In July, it is getting more difficult to return to some parishes because of changes in pastoral or diocesan leadership. Many of you have offered to help facilitate small groups in your area. I will work on that plan this fall .


There is great news out of Mexico. Gina, the director of our Community Center in Cosgaya, decided to leave our program at the end of this month. Our team in Merida has been interviewing new candidates and decided yesterday on Maria Eugenia Cruz Couho . Maria Eugenia is from Komchen . She has a degree in education and a specialty in helping children with learning disabilities. That is just what we needed . She also was one of our scholarship students many years ago. It looks like programs that we have begun and you have supported over the years are taking effect. I couldn’t be happier. One of our Becados is now serving the people of her own Maya community . Together we are working to make this a better world . Congrats to Maria Eugenia and to you.  


Paz y amor,



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