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Maya Monthly December 2014 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Dec 29, 2014

Mirror Mirror on the Wall


Dear Friends of the Maya,


I know this is Christmas and the New Year will soon be here. But first of all I have to tell you about my mirror.


A month or so ago, I decided to clean my vitrina – that’s the china cabinet which is in my living room. It’s probably my favorite piece of furniture because it adds some class to a rather drab dining and living room. I found it at a used furniture place down the street several years ago. Somehow I got it home without breaking the mirror which covers the back wall of the cabinet. I put my precious dining ware in that cabinet (some glasses, dishes… the breakable ones, and a couple of Maya artifacts which I have purchased over the years.) The cockroaches have made their home there for years and the geikos screech from time to time from behind the mirror – just to remind me that I am not the only one in the house!


Last month I decided to dust the dishes, the glasses, the artifacts and the back mirror. The cockroaches and termites had been busy. And down came the mirror – crashing on the floor in hundreds of pieces.



I cried for a couple of minutes. I knew I would never be able to replace that mirror but one piece, a rather large piece, was left. As I looked at it, that piece took the shape of something very special. You can see it here. What do you see?


Well i saw the shape of the State of Michigan… and then, straining my aging eyes a little more, I saw the shape of Mexico!


A sign – a sign of where I was going to spend the rest of my life. In Michigan and In Mexico.


I took off for Michigan a couple of weeks ago. We had just completed the sale of a property in Noc-ac where we hope to build a Community Center. That sale took over a year to complete. I was exhausted with the bureaucracy. I needed to get away. The mirror told me to go to Michigan!


It didn’t say anything about the snow on the ground nor the lack of heat in the family cottage where I planned on staying.


The first weekend, I visited my good friends at St. Rita’s church, just a few miles away. At the end of Mass I asked if anyone could help me with a Christmas card which I wanted to send to people like you. Randy Dzib Jara, a young man from Noc-ac had designed a card, but his first attempt had Santa Claus, the Reindeer – even Rudolf, a fancy house with smoke coming out of the chimney and lots of presents under a tree. I know that is the image most people have of this feast, but it does not begin to grasp the meaning of Jesus’s birth. The Maya do not celebrate Christmas in houses which are all decorated with brilliant lights, and Santa Claus and Rudolph on the front lawn. I asked him to try again. This is the card I am happy to send to you now. No matter how poor we are, no matter where we live or work, we celebrate Jesus birth once again. He has assured us of God’s love and peace. He begs us to be signs of God’s justice and love to others. Randy Dzib Jara and the people of Noc-ac wish you a Feliz Navidad, and so do I.




Thanks for helping me celebrate Christmas every day of the year. Feliz Navidad.


Mirror Mirror on the Wall…… tells me I’d headed back to Mexico in January. May Jesus accompany me and you wherever we are in the New Year.





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