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Maya Monthly February 2015

Feb 24, 2015



Dear Friends of the Maya,


I have had more than 1000 visitors over the years. They come in all shapes and sizes. I had a van for a while. I think we got close to 23 people in it once. But no more. One gordito in front and three little people in the back are about all that I can fit in my little Nissan. Even then I have to be careful when we go over the traffic bumps. “Oops” I say when I forget to slow down. And “Oh my God,” say the visitors as the bottom of the car scrapes the concrete.


The visitors arrived early this month. The last ones left this morning about 6 am! I’ll get to who were the “wanted “and “unwanted” in a second. You can guess for a while.


This month, we have been updating and expanding our records for the Maya Monthly. This email is going out to more than 1400 people. Two months ago,it went to less than 800. Mark Stein met my twin sister Mary K, at the airport in Cancun and they took a bus from Cancun to Merida. Mark must have spent 50 hours helping revise our records. He also set up a new Facebook Page for Maya Missions. There are pictures, videos, testimonies, on those sites which we will update weekly. Links to those sites are below. I recommend the one minute video on Facebook which shows how we put a cement roof on our new Community Center in Noc-ac. It’s unbelievable!


2015 FebAnother classic picture (on this page) includes many of our scholarship students. Each one is holding a sign which indicates the profession they hope to have once they graduate. You can choose “your” student and even sign up to help them on our new page!


Some good friends accompanied my Sister so I played tour guide, restauranteur, translator and a few other odd jobs here in the house during their stay. Toilets, for example, stopped up the first day. Water Pump died day two. Gas for hot water went out a couple days later and my emergency visit to the psychiatrist was squeezed into the trips to the villages and beach (Oh I forgot to mention the beach!).


Abby, another visitor, came early in the month. She is helping us make the transition to Mexican based leadership. Abby comes three times a year and makes sure our Mexican team is fulfilling our promises to you. She meets with our scholarship students and our leaders here. She even stays in the villages so she can know the people better. Abby is a gem and a delight. She has turned out to be the person we need. She has lots of experience through her international work with another organization similar to ours. Abby gives us all new ideas and challenges us to do better.


Well that’s about it for the visitors. I asked Mark to jot down some reflections on what a visit here is like. Click here to read that and see some more photos.


I promised to say something about the wanted and unwanted visitors. Here’s the truth.


All the people I mentioned above were the wanted visitors. They were great. You are too! You all are wanted visitors.


Come one, come all. Even if you can’t make the trip, know you are wanted and loved.


But I received a couple other visitors this month. They came on Sunday, three weeks ago. They stole my computer – even took my backup.






Paz y amor,


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