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Maya Monthly January 2015

Jan 27, 2015

Happy New Year. New You. New Me.


Dear Friends of the Maya,


It was the four hour bus ride from the airport in Cancun to the city of Merida.


San Antonio ool c2I thought to myself, “Bill, why are you coming back?”


I had left Michigan when it was snowing and 8 degrees below zero. THAT’S WHY. It would be sunny and 80 in Merida. THAT’S WHY. We had just started building two new Community Centers. I was dying to see the progress which had been made.


I’m back. New Year. New You. New Me. New Disappointments. New Opportunities. New Hope. New Love. New Faith. New Jesus.


We are even planning a NEW MAYA MONTHLY! Have you noticed the NEW LOOK?


I send the Maya Monthly to about 800 people each month. This issue is going out to over 1500! Many people have changed their email addresses. But we have new software which automatically manages our list and removes emails which are no longer working. If you no longer want to receive the Maya Monthly, just click the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom.


Mark Stein is a new board member from Granville (Columbus), Ohio. He is trying to make me an Ohio State Fan. What is even more difficult is that he believes that I can learn how to use Social Media (Facebook, etc) so that we can reach more people. “Together We Can Make This A Better World.” That’s been our goal for close to 30 years and you have helped make it a reality.

With more pictures and videos on our Facebook page, with letters from our Scholarship students, with notes from our leaders and the Maya people, our hope is to share with you more about the Maya people and the Maya Missions – both the continued progress thanks to your support, as well as the ongoing needs. I’m afraid even Mark cannot bring the smell of Dona Geny’s pig farm to our homes (thank God for that!). But new things are happening and I’m convinced we can join together to make this a better world.


Please visit our Maya Missions Facebook page (here) and be sure to “Like” us so that you’ll automatically see our Facebook posts. (Note that this is DIFFERENT than my personal Facebook, which we won’t be using anymore for Maya Missions updates. So please Like our new page!)


student-2student-3Would you be willing to sponsor one of our Students?


For close to 30 years we have sponsored young men and women in Maya Villages so that they could finish their education. This is so important in order to effect real change here. This year more than 115 students have received scholarships from Maya Indian Missions. But less than half that number have sponsors today.


Please see our student sponsors page to learn more about our program and how you can help. You can do it all online with monthly automatic payments if you prefer, or you can sponsor via regular mail and checks. Contact me (click here) if you prefer the checks in the mail approach or have any questions.


Thank you for all you do to Make the World a Better Place. Have a great New Year.


Paz y amor,



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