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Maya Monthly July 2014

Jul 21, 2014

Happy Summer 2014. It’s rare that I send out the Maya Monthly during the Summer Months. I think most of you know that I am in the USA and spend my summer making Mission Appeals at various parishes in Michigan, Ohio, and California. Plus I schedule meetings with the Oblates and also with the board of Directors of Maya Indian Missions. I have the chance to renew friendships with lots of friends and even get in some relax time at our family cottage in Cement City – near Brooklyn Michigan. That is where I am now – getting ready to play bridge with good friends.


The summer is moving rapidly. I leave for California this Wednesday. When I get back in three weeks I head to Washington D.C.  My meeting with President Obama was cancelled, but I will be at the Oblate parish in Reston VA, from Sept. 6-9th. The Parish has given us a grant so that we can build a new Community Center in San Antonio Ool. I will be taking the opportunity to thank the people of the Parish and on Monday Evening I will host a little talk… so far entitled “Fr. Bill speaks about moving from Head to Heart when it comes to Justice!”  I’ve sent an invitation to President Obama, but I extend it to all of you as well.


The real purpose of this Mid Summer Maya is to announce our New Web Site and to INVITE YOU, BEG YOU, CHALLENGE YOU, AND ANYTHING ELSE I CAN DO to have you check out the New Web Site:


Then let us know what you think and how we can make it better!


Update on what’s happening in Mayaland!


2014 July

Hope springs eternal…

We have just about completed the paperwork for purchase of a property in San Antonio Ool. I say almost because this is a long, long process. The land was deeded to the village about 100 years ago. Then it was divided up into individual parcels often 100 acres or more and distributed among the campesinos who had won the war. They divided it among family members and then some of those people decided to sell it to individuals or groups like us.


To get a legal deed, one has to make sure that there are not two or three, or even more people in the past 100 years who have “laid claim” to the property. Then we have to go through local, state, and government agencies who are responsible for assuring legality (and getting their cut). Thank God we are at the end of that process. I am hoping and praying great grandma Nicte Ha Baax Nacte, who married Nicolas Cux Ketz a hundred years ago, doesn’t show up and claim the property in the next couple of weeks.


Thanks for all you do to give me hope. I am especially grateful for Mark Stein, who has maintained and renovated our website. You will make him and me very happy if you check it out.


Paz y Amor


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