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Maya Monthly July 2015

Jul 25, 2015

Happy Summer!


Dear Friends of the Maya,


“Oh my God!” everyone here in Michigan was saying. “It’s SO hot!” ‘We need to get into the air conditioning!”


Well it was hot – first time over 90 degrees in two years. But it didn’t seem so bad to me.


In fact I hardly noticed the 85 percent humidity.


Could be because I have lived in Mexico for more than 25 years where the summer temperature is usually over 100 and the humidity is close to 95.


Or it could be because I am just getting old and the heat doesn’t bother me that much anymore.


In any case, HAPPY SUMMER, wherever you might be!


I am in Michigan. Enjoying the weather, the fishing, the swimming and the opportunity to meet with family and lots of friends. I have already preached in Adrian. I was in Brighten two weeks ago and also stopped in Hastings last week. I hope to be back there before the end of the summer. I head west in two weeks – way west to California- Lafayette and Sonora from August 4th to the l8th getting back to Michigan just in time to head east –way east to Trenton , N. J. from August 20th -25th. Then back to Ohio and Michigan. We have a Maya Board meeting on September 11th and I will be in Milan Ohio on Sept l7th.


If I lose my Calendar, or my mind, I will check the Maya Web Site for up to the minute info on where I should be and what I will be doing. You can do the same!


Things are going fine in Mayaland and the Pueblos. This is summer and lots of heat -millions of mosquitos. We are processing solicitudes (requests) for scholarships from young people who want to continue their education or finish their careers. You can sponsor a student if you wish (click here).


The kids in the villages can’t get away for a vacation, so our Community Centers offer opportunities for them and their parents to continue learning – but a little more relaxed than usual. We sponsor excursions to the beach, the zoo, or the “big city.” This is the rainy season…maybe four or five inches a day. It is also hurricane season – so far we have been lucky. Pray that continues.


I usually don’t send a Maya Monthly during the summer. To be honest I miss being in Mexico and I also miss this opportunity to share with you. I enjoy traveling and seeing so many friends of the Maya. This update reminds me of how special you are and how lucky I am to have worked in Mexico and share this experience with you!


I will include four pictures (click to enlarge)… one of helping an infirm person in Sierra Papacal, another of me fishing (I’ve learned the fish looks bigger when the camera is up close) and a couple of kids enjoying the summer.


2015 July b   2015 July a


2015-July-d   2015-July-c


Paz y amor,



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