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Maya Monthly June 2014

Jun 21, 2014

7 years of bad luck?  Maybe not!


2014 June Maya MonthlyA few days ago the mirror in my bathroom fell and broke the wash basin which was underneath it. We have had some really bad storms and lots of wind. I was cleaning up all the water when I noticed that the mirror was no longer on the wall, and then I noticed the lavabo was cracked in several  places. “Oh , no problema,” I said to myself. “I can fix that-just need a little cemento blanco.”- that’s white cement and it seals everything- even broken sinks. So I run off to the Tlapaleria (I can’t pronounce it either) and got a kilo of cemento blanco .8 pesos. Less than a dollar.


I mixed the cemento blanco and put it in the crack. I knew right away  THAT  would never work . I would have to get an abanil – cement worker. Just so happens that I know a good one and he agreed to come and replace the old sink. I ran off to the Tlapaleria again and bought a sink –  same color as the one I had and only cost 250 pesos (about $20 bucks ) – can’t beat THAT  in the USA!


So last Saturday abanil and I take out the old sink and put in the new one. Sounds simple  no?


Not if the new sink is smaller than the old sink. “No Problema ” I say to myself again.  “I will just return the old one for a bigger one.” I even kept the recibo because I know this is Mexico and they don’t like to take back something once it has been purchased. ” We don’t have the larger sink,” the guy says . “But they might have it on the other side of town.”  No problema.  The place was closing in a half hour but I  had time to get there. But they didn’t have the larger sink either . “They don’t make them anymore.”


“No Problema” says the abanil. “I can use some cemento blanco and fill in the extra space with tiles.” On the way back to the house, I noticed another Tlapaleria. ” Let’s stop there just to check. ” Guess what? They had the larger sink. They DO make them. It was just easier to say they didn’t . Now I really have to make haste – return the sink to the people who didn’t want it and get the new one .” No Problema. ” I figure by now  you have seen those  words “no problema ” several times.  You ought to live here – it’s a common expression   I think because there are lots of problems but nobody wants to admit it.


I don’t believe that stuff about broken mirrors and seven years of bad luck, but I was beginning to wonder if we would ever fix the sink and maybe that story about mirrors and bad luck was true.


Actually I didn’t have bad luck quite the opposite.  I got a new sink out of the deal!  The abanil came and fixed not only the sink but several other things –  a cracked wall,  loose tiles, falling ceiling – and the whole job only cost about $40.00! Try  getting a plumber and abanil in the USA for that ! ( oops I already said that didn’t I?)


I’m afraid I spend a lot of time worrying about things which have to be fixed- things like sinks, but also things like : How can I make sure people continue to support our missions? How can i get to parishes where the priest says ” no” and the people say “yes”?  How can we continue the programs we have begun over the years ?  “No problema”. There-I said it!  You might not be an abanil. You might not own  a Tlapaleria. But you are my hope for the future. Thanks  and I am not going to worry any more!





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