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Maya Monthly March 2015

Mar 28, 2015

March Madness

Dear Friends of the Maya,


I was trying to figure out how I could explain all that has happened this month. Then it came to me.


“March Madness”. I know most of you will think March Madness has something to do with College Basketball teams in the USA. Well, “March Madness” has gone international and here it has nothing to do with Basketball. It’s all about my computer and my life.


I’ve read that some go crazy during March Madness. I just about lost it more than once this past month. If you remember I mentioned at the end of February’s Maya Monthly, someone had entered my house and robbed my computer. A visitor brought a new computer. He even downloaded all sorts of software which would make it easier to send this email and keep our records. But then the keyboard wasn’t working right. No Problem. The machine was under guarantee. Dell even has an authorized dealer and repair shop not far from my house. I forgot it was March Madness. I had to transfer ownership from me in USA to me in Mexico. And I didn’t know how “me in USA” was registered. Then I had to get permission from Dell in Mexico to authorize a new Keyboard. No Problem. They sent it right away. But they sent the wrong Keyboard. March Madness and I was getting MAD. “Send the right one!” “Can’t” Dell Mexico responded. “Dell USA cancelled the guarantee and we don’t know why”.


What do YOU do when things just don’t go like they are supposed to? What do YOU do when you are going crazy about little or big things which happen to each of us?


I had to get away. So I took a drive! Not any old drive – but a drive to Komchen, and Sierra Papacal, and Noc-ac and Cosgaya and San Antonio Ool.


In Komchen I saw our young scholarship students playing ping pong with the little kids. Some others were learning how to do the Jarana (a beautiful Yucatecan dance). A group of middle school kids were playing futbol (oops soccer), and some older teens were learning English in our classroom. They were all smiling! I smiled too!


Then I went on to Cosgaya. Daniel, one of our scholarship students there, was working with 20 younger kids, helping them to learn how to read. It looked like they were all having fun! I smiled some more.


Here are some pictures of our kids (click to enlarge). The older ones have lots of hope for the future. The younger ones are learning there is a future where they are special. If you want to see more smiling faces, check out our Facebook page and our Maya Missions website. If you want to sponsor a student go our sponsor page or let me know (


IMG_9621  IMG_9463  IMG_9613



IMG_9440  IMG_9508  IMG_9489


On to Noc-ac. That’s where we are building a new Center. It is almost completed. Fanny, our lay leader is wondering when they can move in! Soon. Soon. Fanny, who is no lightweight, smiled a huge big smile!


I ended my little tour in San Antonio Ool. The smallest village. The most need. There were 15 young kids in San Antonio who were not participating in our program to help the kids. Their parents weren’t too busy watching March Madness, but probably overwhelmed with poverty, violence and fear. We assured them we can help. They are ALL part of our program now! I smiled all the way home.


It is just a short drive from San Antonio to my house in Merida. But I arrived a new person. Thanking God for what we have been able to accomplish over the years. Thanking God for people like you.


Paz y amor,



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