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Maya Monthly March/April 2017

Mar 29, 2017

March Madness


Dear Friends of the Maya,


A week ago, I was listening to the nightly news and the latest sports events. I was surprised at the coverage of College Basketball in the US. The commentator went on and on about March Madness.

I was a little disappointed ​since ​we rarely see College Basketball on TV here in Mexico and I would miss most of the March Madness coverage. Then I thought:





I was supposed to leave Merida on March 13th and head to Houston and then on to Trenton New Jersey where I was going to speak about our work with the Maya in three schools. I got to Houston fine, but March 13th was the day of the big storm on the east coast. I never got to New Jersey! I was sitting on the plane and it was ready to take off for Newark. I received one call and then another from the schools cancelling their programs. I said THIS is MADNESS – STAYING ON THE PLANE.


So I got off. I could just see myself driving to Trenton on Turnpikes that had been closed. Problem was there were no flights back to Merida…at least that is what they told me. Not for the rest of the week. Now THAT would be real Madness! I called some friends from Adrian who have lived in Houston a long time. They agreed to take me in. I got a reservation to return to Merida the next day.


Since I had returned to Merida earlier than expected, I was able to catch up on some work. One of those was getting back in touch with the electrician who was supposed to do some work on the house. I had given him an anticipo (down payment) and he had promised to come – two different times, but no show!


More Madness. So I showed up at his shop and asked his wife where he was. She didn’t know and I wasn’t happy. I explained that he had received the money and was supposed to do the work. She looked at me and asked: “Are you the priest?”. I said “yes” and added: “If Jose doesn’t show up soon, I will shoot him, and bury him over there in the cemetery with gusto”. That means joy! She looked at me seriously and responded: “I’ll help you!” His daughter added: “I’ll bring the flowers!” We all ended up laughing.


Jose is supposed to be fixing the electricity today. He hasn’t shown up yet. More​ March​ Madness!


March Madness is not only about basketball in the USA or Jose not showing up to fix the electricity. It’s about me trying to balance the books for Maya Indian Missions! We have two accounts in the USA and two accounts here in Mexico. The IRS insists that we account for every penny that you give and HACIENDA here in Mexico checks each peso we use. Talk about Madness. I had been putting it off! Time to get to work.


I was wishing more than once that the flight to Jersey​ had not been cancelled! But the books are balanced and reports are being sent to our accountants and treasury departments in USA and Mexico​.​


Some highlights. Thanks to you we took in about $145,000 last year. We spent about $26,000 dollars plus 2,131,533 pesos in Mexico.Yes, that’s a little over two million! (but pesos, not dollars!).​ Income and Expenses were almost even last year. ​If you would like a more detailed​ account I would be happy to send it. Just let me know.


I don’t know if ​we ​will always have more income than expenses. I do know we will try to continue all the programs we have begun. We just received news that 30 more young people are asking for scholarships next year. ​We will try to help.​



In spite of the chaos of March Madness I am very hopeful for the future. A long, long, time ago, about 600 A.D. the Maya built a special pyramid very near our villages. It’s called Dzibi ​l​chaltun and every March on the equinox , the sun rises and shines brightly through the center of that Pyramid. A sure sign that spring is here.


New Hope. New Life. New Love.

Maybe less Madness!


Paz y amor,



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