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Maya Monthly May 2017

May 18, 2017

Let’s Celebrate During May!


Dear Friends of the Maya,


Us “old time Catholics” used to celebrate May as “Month of Mary”. I still remember the song: “Oh Mary we crown thee with blossoms today” and I’ll bet that many of you could continue that song right to the end. It surprised me to find out that there is no special song for Mary in Mexico during May. Not even a May crowning. I think I know why.


There are so many fiestas during the month of May in Mexico that there wasn’t any room for Mary!


The fiestas started this year even before May. Fiesta de los Niños is supposed to be celebrated at the end of April. People weren’t happy that la fiesta de niños fell on a week day so they started on the last Friday in April but continued into May. May 1st is “May Day!” a national feast for workers and a holiday. Wow! Two feasts at the same time and a national holiday to boot.


Kids are really loved, really loved, in Mexico. No matter how poor, there has to be a fiesta for the kids. Our after-school programs in Sierra Papacal, Cosgaya, Noc-ac and San Antonio Hool have more than 100 kids participating. We had one big fiesta for all of the kids and I have a hunch each village celebrated another fiesta on their own. I was already in the States but the faces on these kids show how much they enjoyed the celebration. Thanks for making this possible.




One of the biggest feasts of the year, not just in the USA, but also Mexico is Fiesta de las Madres. Mother’s Day. That feast falls on May 10th every year (not the second Sunday in May as it does in the US). This is not a National Feast but it might as well be! Workers are supposed to work and students are supposed to go to school. What happens is that the workers go to work and then head home. Students go to school but so do their Mamas and everyone celebrates. We had a special celebration for all our youth and their Moms at our Facility in Cosgaya.



I cannot begin to tell you how special our mothers are. Since we have a high percentage of alcoholism among the men, the mothers are the way families stay together. The mothers make sure their kids go to school. Mothers make sure the food is ready, the house is clean, and there is enough food on the table to eat. Mothers keep smiling no matter what. The kids know this and their simple poems and loving hugs say it all: “Mama, thanks. Mama, I love you”. Yes! God love our Mothers!



May isn’t over yet. There is still another fiesta! This time it is Fiesta de las Maestras. Teacher’s Day!


Maria Eugenia Cruz Couoh, Nayeli Rubi Tzec Matu, Fanny Beatriz Dzul Cen, and Cintya Concepcion Sanchez Cen



We have four Maestras. Eugenia in Cosgaya, Rubi in Sierra Papacal, Fanny in Noc-ac and Cindy in San Antonio Hool. Each of them is Maya. Each of them comes from one of the villages. That means they had to overcome poverty in their homes, poor education at the local school, and long distances to get to schools for their degree. Each of them received a scholarship from Maya Indian Missions. Now, THEY are the teachers in our after-school programs. I’m happy to say because of them and the scholarships Maya Indian Missions continues to offer, our young people are able to continue their education and choose careers for the future.


We have more than 100 young adults who have received scholarships this year. More than 1000 young people have benefited so far from the help people like you have given. This week 43 young men and women asked to be added to this program. THANKS FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE.


LET’S CELEBRATE!!! Together let us make this world a better place!


Paz y amor,



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