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Maya Monthly November 2015

Nov 09, 2015

Feliz Dia de los Muertos. “Happy” Day of the Dead!


2015-Nov-aJust look at these faces and you will know why they call it “Happy”.


You might be thinking that Dia de los Muertos was November 2nd.  I should be writing about Thanksgiving, something really Happy!


But then I went out to the village of Sierra Papacal and they were still celebrating.


I took some pictures. I knew I had to write about Dia de los Muertos …one more time.


These aren’t the “Muertos”. These are vivos!


Hanal Pixan – Food of the Souls

2015-Nov-bThanksgiving would not be a feast without the Turkey, and the giblets and the stuffing and the pumpkin pie.


Dia de Muertos just isn’t a fiesta without Hanal Pixan….the food of the souls – better known as Pib.


You won’t get Pib in your local Mexican Restaurant. But you’ll get it everywhere here in the Yucatan. I’m no cook and certainly no connoisseur of good Mexican food. But I can tell you Pib is absolutely the worst tasting food I have ever eaten. I try it every year just to test my theory, and then wonder if I will soon join the departed souls. So far so good. Gracias a Dios.






We began our program to help the kids of Sierra more than six years ago. Then, there were no painted faces, not much joy.


The kids were flunking out, dropping out. No Future.


Now – thanks to you, they are smiling, getting better grades and moving on to a brighter future.







After celebrating Hanal Pixan in Sierra I went to Cosgaya where we have another program to help the kids. This young boy is “Guillermo”. Believe it or not, named after me.


Guillermo is now in the third grade. He has just learned how to read. He should be in a special education program because he is a slow learner. But that would mean transportation costs to the big city and separation from family and friends. Gracias a Dios, the Director of our Program in Cosgaya has a degree in Special Ed. Guillermo is making progress. Guillermo will make it. I’m proud of him and our program. You can be, too.


2015-Nov-eI hope you have noted the word “gracias” throughout this letter. I think you know it means “Thanks!”


We use that expression a lot here in Mexico and I have used it throughout this letter. Gracias to you.


Gracias for all you do to help us make the lives of others better. This is my Thanksgiving letter to each of you.


Gracias and Happy Thanksgiving.


Paz y amor,



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