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Maya Monthly September 2014

Sep 26, 2014

“I’M BACK !!!”  (I heard Hillary Clinton use that expression when she visited Iowa recently).


Well I’m not back to Iowa but yes “I’m back” in Mexico …and it’s good to be here.


The trip went well. I have been traveling to Merida via Cancun – not so I can to spend some time in the resort (although that is always a temptation).

It’s because it is much less expensive to travel from Detroit to Merida via Cancun. Downside is that the trip involves a bus ride of four hours. But even that is not what you might think – no chickens hanging out the windows. Actually no stops – direct from the airport to Merida Central.


In the past I have had to spend a couple of days getting the house here in order… water pump needs to get fixed, gas tank is empty, roof is leaking, etc.

This time, Pastora, the administrator, had everything ready to go. I even had some tamales frozen in the refrigerator which I could heat up – not to mention an ice cold Sol.





See other new news story and picture about Maria Eugenia Cruz Coho, one of our becados (scholarship students) who we have hired to be the Director of our Community Center in Cosgaya.


2014 Sept birthdaySOME OTHER GOOD NEWS

It’s my Birthday! No Big thing, But I am grateful for the last 72 years and look forward to some more. Here is a neat card which I have received.


Well I thought this was really nice…and then I opened the card.


Here’s what it says inside:

Calm down Billy, It’s not YOU, It’s JESUS!


Well I think we all are very special and each of us, in our own way, is destined to change our world.


Thanks for making that possible.


Paz y Amor,


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