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Maya Monthly Summer 2015

Aug 31, 2015

From Your Traveling Salesman for Maya Missions


Dear Friends of the Maya,


I hope you have had a good summer.


I have just returned from close to a month “on the road”. I guess I am something of a traveling salesman. I was in Lafayette California for a couple of weeks. From there I went up to Sonora which is not too far from Yosemite. I’ve been visiting these two cities for more than 15 years and many people have come down to the Missions. John Kasper, the Pastor, even had a farewell party for me when I left. I told him it was a tradition that we always celebrate a despedida. He believed me and we had a great time.


2015-Summer-cSonora is an absolutely beautiful village in the old Gold Mining Country – another wonderful experience with good friends. We gathered at Martha and Todd Stolp’s home in the hills outside Sonora. Martha can make Mexican food better than anyone I know. The Margaritas weren’t bad either. After the Comida I had a chance to update everyone on Maya Programs.


I was back one day in Michigan when I headed to the other side of the country – Trenton N.J. I preached at the Cathedral in Trenton and visited friends in several cities around Philly, Trenton and Camden. I’m not used to saying five Masses on a weekend and don’t recommend it. Camden and Trenton Cathedrals are in the center of the city and just about everyone spoke Spanish. I thought they would be Mexican but that wasn’t the case. Mostly Puertriquenos, Guatemalans and Central Americans. If Mr. Trump thinks he is going to throw them all out, I think he better think again. (Enough about him!)


I was very happy to return to Michigan a couple of days ago. It was 49 degrees here last night. I love it since right now in Mexico it is over 100. I don’t miss the hot and humid weather but I do miss being with the people. I call our staff two or three times a week and check up on how things are coming. School has begun in our villages and our new Community Center in Noc-Ac is open. The place looks great (see more pictures on Facebook). You make all of this possible.


2015-Summer-aI am preparing now to preach nearby in Clarklake for Labor Day Weekend and in Howell Michigan on Sept 12th and 13th. We have two evenings scheduled to meet with friends of the Maya. – one on the 15th in Hastings, MI and one on the 17th in Milan, OH where I used to be pastor. Looks to me like I am “on the road” again. I don’t know if there is a word for “traveling salesman” in Spanish but that seems to be what I have been doing the last few weeks.


I will be back in Mexico on Sept 26th. That’s when this “salesman” will relax and enjoy life in Mayaland.


Thanks for making this a great summer.


Last Chance: Sign-Up to Come to the Inauguration in Noc-Ac !


Would you be interested in a trip to celebrate the inauguration of our newest Community Center in Noc-Ac?


The trip will include the Inauguration Celebration as well as the opportunity to visit Maya archaeological sites. We will visit all of our pueblos (villages) where you can see first-hand the work of the Maya Indian Missions organization. This week long trip will take place around November 1, 2015 and it will cost approximately $1,700. For additional information or to reserve a spot, please contact Fr. Bill at We must make reservations very soon.


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Paz y amor,



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