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May 04, 2014

Dear Friends of the Maya,


May 2014 san antonio ool signThanks so much for your prayers and donations to the Maya Indians. They keep us going and help me believe that we really can help make life better here in Mexico.


I just noticed that May 5th is coming up soon – probably we will have celebrated it before you get this. El Cinco de Mayo, if I understand Mexican history, was a war which the Mexicans won against the French in Puebla. I think it has become a big thing in the US because people from Puebla brought the fiesta to the USA. It is not really a big fiesta in this part of Mexico. But, as we all know, Mexicans love to celebrate Fiestas. So I hope you enjoy the feast. It has been over 100 every day here, so I will have a nice cold SOL ( that’s a beer!) and shout VIVA MEXICO.


I honestly didn’t feel much like celebrating anything today. My bomba ( pump) for water in the house decided to die a couple of weeks ago. The electracista came right over and fixed it…I was so grateful. I should never have paid him until I was sure it would work. Of course it didn’t . He promised he would return , but , he didn’t. Finally, today, a friend from Komchen – came to repair the work . The bomba got working fine, but we lost all the electricity on the 2nd floor of the house – where I live. My new electracista didn’t have the slightest idea of what to do. He tried everything. Cut one wire and reconnected it to another place on the Electric Panel. Nada Nothing. In desperation I called back the first electrecista. He came over again – saying he was sorry for not returning. He tried a couple of things and then went somewhere for some parts he needed to make the repairs. Came back ( which surprised me) but nothing worked. Finally he saw this old, old switch on the wall and asked if I knew it was turned off. Of course I knew. That switch hasn’t worked for l5 years. I tried the switch and sure enough – light , and bomba, and water! Time to celebrate with another SOL.


I hope you don’t think all I do is drink SOL! Here’s a reason for one more. We have been trying for four months to buy a property so we can build a badly needed school .Because lots of property in the old villages has been owned by several families who never got proper papers, we just could not get what we wanted. This afternoon, I met with our lawyer and Senor Benedito. He showed us the papers – LOOKS LIKE THE PROPERTY IS LEGAL ! ( Time for another Sol) Not quite Billy Boy – property is in name of his Daughter but there is promise that it can be deeded to us in the next couple of weeks. I sure hope so, because the little village of San Antonio Ool doesn’t even have a decent school or place for the people to meet. With your help, and prayers, and maybe a couple more SOLS (just kidding) we will be building a better future.


Paz y amor.




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