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Welcome, Abby Hurst

Jul 14, 2014

Fr. Bill celebrated the wedding of Abby Hurst and Joe Ziolkowski several years ago. Since then Abby and Joe have added three children to their family. They all visited Maya Missions in Mexico about six years ago. Recently they moved from California to Chelsea Michigan. Abby worked for a project begun by her cousin Jim. They built schools for the poor all over the world. They helped inner city kids in places like NYC and Chicago to get out of the impoverished conditions in which they lived by sharing their time with the elderly and the youth of their own inner city surroundings. Abby left that position so she could help her family.


We have hired her so that she can help us. Three times a year Abby will come to the Maya Missions. She will be the kind of person we need to look over our programs and advise our board on what might be needed so that we can continue our mission and meet the needs of the people. Bienvenida!!!

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