The Mayan People

Who are the Maya Indians in Komchen, Yucatan and the surrounding villages? 


They are simple people, rich in cultural tradition, with needs we take for granted.  Needs for a basic education, medical care, and adequate nutrition and sanitation.  Many individuals live in structures put together by cardboard and stones.  A lot work in Maquiladora factories owned by Americans and are paid less than $10 a day.  The level of their poverty is clear when one learns that toilets are often not found. Issues such as alcoholism, violence, and spouse abuse are common.


Maya-aThe residents of the HIV/AIDS community at Oasis San Juan in Conkal (click to enlarge picture) are a group which has pretty much been treated as modern day lepers by the government, the church and the community at large. More than anyone, they remind me that we can be happy in spite of the struggles and heartaches which are part of the world in which we live.


A People of Hope, of Happiness

Maya-lDespite these hardships and challenges, the Maya have hope for a better tomorrow. Maya Indian Missions, with the help of our supporters in the United States, are showing that people do care about them and are helping create an environment of positive change.


The youth especially are working hard to take advantage of these opportunities and helping themselves and their families build for a better future. Our community centers, computer labs, scholarship program, adult education programs, leadership training, and spiritual direction are signs that with God, all things are possible.


Thank you of your continued support of the Maya Indians.



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