Our History

Sr. Terry

Sr. Terry, the early years

Sr. Terry, A Maryknoll Sister, had been working in Mexico with the Maya Indians since the 1970’s. She had come to know and love the people there, in carrying out her mission.  Her warm personality made her a beloved person in the villages, while at the same time she was not afraid to take on tough challenges head-on and work to change things for the better.


Sr. Terry continued her work with the Maya and with Fr. Bill, until her retirement in 2010. 


Fr. Bill’s arrival

Fr.-BillFr. Bill Auth, osfs, taught for several years in Oblate high schools and was a member of the Formation Team before moving on to Youth Ministry and the Parish Ministry. He served on the Provincial Council for seven years.


He had visited Mexico in 1981, where he met St. Terry and mentioned to her that he was thinking about learning some Spanish so he could help the Hispanic people in the United States. She invited him to come to the Yucatan. He didn’t even know where it was! After a few weeks of Spanish studies, he ended up in Komchen, a small village north of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. He lived in the sacristy of the little church, got Moctezuma’s Revenge big time, but loved the people. He went back every year for a month and in 1991 he headed back for good.


During his more than 23 years in Mexico, Fr. Bill has seen and initiated much change. A church built, several computer centers, schools, a scholarship program, an AIDS hospice ministry, and so much more that is helping the Maya people in those villages have hope for a better tomorrow.


The mission continues today



Fr. Bill is still working with the Maya Indians in the pueblos of Komchen, Cosgaya, Sierra Papacal, Noc-Ac, Dzitya, and San Antonio Ool. Today, the day-to-day operations of the mission work are carried out by several local leaders who have grown and developed over the years, with the oversight of Fr. Bill.  Read more about Our Team in Mexico.


A board of directors in the United States oversees this non-profit mission, along with Fr. Bill, to ensure that the work of the Maya Indian Missions continues and advances well into the future.


Fr. Bill also spends time in the United States preaching in cities in California, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina (and anywhere else he’s asked). He continues to dedicate himself to the Maya, promoting the efforts there and seeking additional funding.  He is also working on the conversion of people and attitudes toward the poor, the rejected, and the immigrants who are in our midst.


Maya Indian Missions is a 501(c)(3) charity.

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